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Specialised Imaging Ltd.

Unit 32, Silk Mill Industrial Estate
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United Kingdom

Tel: +44 1442 827728

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High Performance Ultra Fast Framing Cameras

High Performance Ultra Fast Framing Cameras

Product News Monday, July 17, 2017: Specialised Imaging Ltd.

The SIM series of Ultra Fast Framing cameras from Specialised Imaging offer the ultimate in ultra-high speed imaging performance enabling scientists and engineers to extend the boundaries of their research and development.

Capable of capturing up to 16 images at 1 billion frames per second, SIM ultra fast framing cameras are able to capture visual data from even the most transient of phenomena.

The proprietary optical design of SIM cameras delivers this unmatched performance while eliminating compromising shading or parallax effects. High resolution intensified CCD sensors controlled by state-of-the-art electronics provide almost infinite control over gain and exposure to allow researchers the flexibility to obtain reproducible data from even the most demanding applications.

Traditionally in ultra-high speed imaging, it has been difficult to synchronize your camera to the event that you are trying to record and analyse. Using the very flexible multiple triggering capability of SIM cameras, with its built triggering modes, it has taken the 'black magic' out of synchronizing camera and event allowing you to spend more time on capturing research data rather than setting up your experiment.

With all Specialised Imaging SIM cameras full remote control using Ethernet is offered as standard. A choice of integral viewfinder or a laptop computer can be used for local focus. Comprehensive triggering facilities, highly accurate timing control, and a wide range of output signals, coupled with a custom SIM software package that includes full measurement and image enhancement functions simplifies image capture.

All SIM cameras can be now be used in multispectral imaging experiments using specific notch filters from 400nm up to 800nm as a per channel configuration. This allows for true multispectral and colour imaging as well as pyrometry measurement.

For further information on SIM ultra fast framing cameras please visit or contact Specialised Imaging on +44-1442-827728 (UK) / +49-8141-666-8950 (USA) / +1-951-296-6406 (Germany) or

Specialised Imaging is a knowledgeable, dynamic company focused upon design, manufacture, service and supply of ultra-high speed imaging systems and components for industrial, defence and scientific applications.  The company's continuing policy is to invest in the development of innovative imaging solutions, incorporate the latest technological advances and use improved components wherever possible. A total commitment to quality and a thorough understanding of applications are held as the keys to the future.

Image:  SIM ultra fast framing camera


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