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South Africa

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Mining Products from Mimic Components

Mining Products from Mimic Components

Product News Monday, October 29, 2018: Mimic Components CC

Signal Tower Lights with multi-functional components such as coloured Lens, Buzzer, Ethernet Cord, USB Cord and Mounting brackets.

Modular Robots (Traffic Lights) in Aluminium casing or Fibreglass reinforced Nylon (P.A.)

Encapsulated Warning Lights constructed in a clear impact resistant poly-carbonate lens available in various brightness and colours.

Industrial Warning lights for heavy duty,  industrial use and commercial use, sounders, sirens & buzzers, flashing strobes and combo units with MP3 voice instructions.

LED Safety Lights with 6-multifunctional specifications, steady light, two rates of flashing and three types of running lights in various colours.

Walking/Standing Man for access control, Red/Green LED lights Facia plates in black or grey.

Cross Arrow LED indicator for Turnstiles or Cage entry queues, Red Cross, Green Arrow.


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