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Ten Advancing Technology Breakthroughs For 2013

A recent breakthrough in grid technology could make DC power lines practical in 2013. At an ABB Swedish lab researchers have developed a high power DC circuit breaker. For over a century global industry has depended on AC power because high-voltage DC power could only be used for point-to-point transmission.
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Flow Meter Offers Additional Visual Check To Enhance Safety
Analysis Of A Cracked Impeller Blade
Stand-Alone Liquid Vehicle Suppression System

Hydrogen Is Driving The Future

The experts agree: Hydrogen is energy with potential. Research has been active in the economic utilization of regenerative energy carriers especially since climate change has become an issue. sera has been working for several years with this technology and continues its tradition of being in close touch with the market.
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World’s First Manned Electric Powered Helicopter
A Look Into Product Obsolescence
New Solid State Laser Marking System From Telesis

World’s Largest Aqueducts, Moving Billions Of Gallons Of Water Daily

Two of the more interesting tunnels that humans build are transportation tunnels for trains and cars and water aqueducts supplying large cities. The largest existing aqueduct in the world is the Thirlmere Aqueduct in North West England built between 1890 and 1925 and running 96 miles over and through hill and dale of the English countryside in pipes, streams, tunnels dams and aqueducts.
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Bowman Turns Up The Heat at Artesian Pool In OZ
Cummins Powering The Zambian Copper Mining Industry
Advanced Checkweigher Saving Companies Money
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