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Compact conductivity level switch - CoFox® ELT 68

Compact conductivity level switch -  CoFox® ELT 68

Suitable for use in electrically conducting materials, predominantly liquids, e.g. milk, wine or fruit juices. Also suitable for foaming or adhesive media, e.g. beer or yoghurt. Specially designed for applications in the food industry.
CoFox® ELT 68 C is a self-monitoring level switch operating on the basis of conductivity.
The unit is primarily used as a  minimum level switch in breweries, dairies and ice-cream plants. The unit is also capable of detecting the interface between cleaning emulsions and the actual medium, e.g. milk/water, beer/foam, water/lye.
The sensitivity and adjustment range have been designed to ignore bridging resistances which could impair the reliability of the unit (e.g. foam across the electrode insulators in breweries, dairies and icecream plants).
The tank must be made of a  conducting material and must not be coated inside.  If necessary, a separate ground electrode must be installed in the tank and connected to the welding gland.

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