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About EngNet

About EngNet


EngNet® is a powerful Directory/Search Engine/Buyers Guide Service aimed specifically at the Engineering Industry to enable Engineers, Technicians, Tradesmen, etc. to find information and communicate effectively with suppliers in the Engineering Industry.

EngNet has been developed by Engineers for Engineers to service the need for easily accessible, accurate information.

EngNet is a service for the Engineering industry and provides a searching facility free of charge to users. Our other advanced services are priced very affordably and provide a complete and comprehensive marketing medium for the engineering company and/or individual.

EngNet Goals

EngNet has four goals, namely:

  1. To assist Engineers in effectively using the Internet and the many websites out there, and enable them to communicate easily and effectively with suppliers of product and services.
  2. To ensure engineering companies, their products and/or services are marketed effectively, as well as to provide the structure to effectively deliver valuable product/service information as required by the industry.
  3. To provide a directory that encompasses all engineering related industries and the products and services therein, from project design and raw materials to final products.
  4. To be the number one online engineering directory/resource.


Previously in printed directories, there was a limit as to how many companies and products/services could be inserted into a Directory/Buyers Guide. With databases and various Electronic mediums, we now have the ability to include extensive accurate categorised products and services.

The EngNet system has been designed to incorporate all the engineering industries and related products and services. Our database covers the following areas:


EngNet has some important strengths over competing companies, namely:

  • Experienced Engineers have designed EngNet. EngNet was developed due to the fact that existing services were not fulfilling the need in the industry.
  • EngNet developers have extensive Internet, programming and database experience. This has enabled the EngNet team to optimize EngNet by taking full advantage of the Internet technologies and apply the relevant skills needed to suit the Engineering Industry.
  • EngNet encourages feedback. We have designed surveys and receive comments and suggestions from every company that has been added to EngNet. This has enabled us to know exactly what the industry requires.

Audience (Users)

Users that utilise EngNet are individuals involved within the Engineering Industry, namely:

  • Technical buyers
  • Engineers/technical designers/draughtsmen looking for answers or looking for suppliers of products and services for use in various projects
  • Companies looking for strategic alliances, and international agencies
  • Importers/exporters for the Engineering market
  • Engineering companies sourcing raw materials suppliers.