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Digital tank contents indicator DIT 01 for fuel oil and diesel fuel

Digital tank contents indicator DIT 01 for fuel oil and diesel fuel

For continuous level measurement in tanks containing fuel oil EL, L or diesel. Specially suitable for underground tanks and basement tanks. For liquid levels from 0.9 to 3 m.
The hydrostatic level measurementsystem consists of an evaluation unit with digital display (display unit) and a submersible probe with integrated pressure measuring cell.
DIT 01 features the following:
• Universal application in tanks with up to 3 m in height or diameter.
• No dip charts required since all standard tank shapes are stored.
• Fast and safe mounting with complete installation accessories.
• No external supply voltage required.
• Push-to-read function for extremely long battery service life.
• High accuracy of measurement due to electronic sensor (pressure measuring cell).
• Display unit with easy-to-read display.
• Simple operation via menuguided set-up procedure.
• Connection cable of the display unit can be extended by up to 10 m


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