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Air Instrumentation

Air Instrumentation

To reduce rising compressed air operating costs, without hard facts, means you are making assumptions.

Want facts? Talk to Artic Driers, we’ll give you facts.   How much money you are losing in leaks?  What your air compressor is costing you?  How much compressed air does your  factory consume?  What is the particle and oil carry over into the air line?

All these facts and more  are available from Artic Driers and SUTO iTEC instruments sets. SUTO iTEC  from Germany  offers plant managers static or mobile audit solutions, not assumptions.

We measure and quantify;

Air Leaks


Power consumption


Air consumption


Dew point




Oil carry over


Particle carry over




Call the leaders in compressed air treatment, we have the core competency to  give you the facts


Not Bigger…. Just Better ….


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