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HL Series Low Dew point Desiccant Air Dryers

HL Series Dessicant Air Dryers

The HL series of heatless desiccant wall mounted compressed air dryers is a proven solution for clients that require low compressed air dew points along with high reliability and minimal maintenance.  This compact wall mount design allows for minus 40°C performance with -70°C options. Manufactured by SPX Jemaco in Busan, South Korea, the HL series dryers are the simplest design for any small flow application

A portion of dried low dew point air from the online drying tower is reintroduced in a reverse direction   into the “wet” tower to desorb the drying media. This low pressure air flow carries the moisture in vapour form to atmosphere via high performance muffler.

The HL dryer is fitted with a versatile timer control that allows for drying time adjustments.



Number of models within this range 5
Capacities 0.29 to 1.01 m3 / min
Max working pressure 12 bar
Dew point 40 °C standard, -70° optional



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