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TX Series Air Dryers

Compressed Air Dryers, Air Dryers

The TX series of dryers has a unique patented heat exchanger design. Containing only two moving parts, this work horse has virtually a zero defect rate in the industry.  Air is dried in a copper spiral heat exchanger. The sequence of the air drying circuit cooling is,  C/air to Freon with water condensate removal by an electric timed auto drain at 3°C, then Air to Freon hot gas re-heat prior to release to the air system.

The gas circuit is simple & almost devoid of moving parts. Gas leaving the Freon compressor is cooled via a static condenser then used to reheat the cold compressed air. The gas is then injected into the main air to the Freon exchanger to chill the air to 3°C, and then returned to the Freon compressor. The use of a static condenser removes the need for a cooling fan and typical condenser pack and thereby eliminating the two major failure areas of any other small capacity dryer.       


Number of models within this range 4  
Capacities 0.5 to 1.67 m/ min
Max working pressure 12 bar
Dew point 3 °C







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