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CDX118CD and CWX118CD - Dual Wavelength X-ray Sorters

CDX118CD and CWX118CD - Dual Wavelength X-ray SortersFree fall, X-ray sorter, single pass, single input, Primary and Secondary bulk recovery; Re-concentration; Material size range (-32mm + 1mm) split at appropriate ratio and feed rates. Material feed application wet or dry.

Dense Medium Controllers (DMC)

Dense Medium Controllers (DMC)The function of the DMC is to measure and automatically control the Ferrosilicon circuit density in Dense Medium Separation Plants.

MagRoll-Single Stage

MagRoll-Single StageThe MagRoll is fitted with a high-strenght large diameter roll. It has application in separation of minerals such as diamonds, iron ore, andalusite and mineral sands. Diamond material can be processed either wet or dry. Other minerals, depending on physical characteristics, may also be processed wet.

Raven Single Particle Sorter (COARSE and FINE)

Raven Single Particle Sorter (COARSE and FINE)Single Particle Sorting of Diamondiferous material using Laser technology. Depending on feed conditions the diamond by weight of concentrate produced can be in excess of 95%.

Size Frequency Distribution machine (VSFD)

Size Frequency Distribution machine (VSFD)The Vision Size Frequency Distribution machine (VSFD) is specifically designed to determine accurate weights and shapes of individual diamonds on-line as they are recovered.

X-ray Product Support System (PSS)

X-ray Product Support System (PSS)DebTech engineers have equipment design and application support experience in a wide range of recovery machines and plants.

Luminescent Tracers

Luminescent TracersTracers are an essential component in setting up X-ray based diamond sorting machines. Through calibration, the machine’s detection sensitivity can be adjusted to the most cost effective level, thus maximising diamond recovery and minimising the volume of waster material recovered.

Ceramic Diamond Simulants

Ceramic Diamond SimulantsThe use of diamond simulants makes it possible for the management at mining sites, and particularly at diamond separation and recovery plants, to identify the stages in ore handling or subsequent processing, where stones may be trapped or damaged in order to take corrective action.

Metallurgical Services

Metallurgical ServicesThe list of services includes: metallurgical simulation tools; long term analytical studies; operational support; training and plant audits among others.

Product Technical Support

Product Technical SupportDebTech, a division of De Beers Group Services, provides world-class diamond processing products and services across the globe.

Docklock System

Docklock SystemThe Docklock system is designed to facilitate the secure transfer and transportation of dry concentrate between processing stations in the process.

Process Simulation and Diamond Damage Services

Process Simulation and Diamond Damage ServicesFor simple processes or for cases where only an assessment of the risk of diamond damage is required, the diamond damage risk indicator maps (DDRI maps) are employed.

Discrete or Continuous Modelling

Discrete or Continuous ModellingSimulation of discrete or continuous processes for capacity expansion or throughput enhancement projects. The modelling application, once developed, allows an end user to run in-house scenarios on their process. Discrete modelling can be undertaken on processes, such as laboratories or particle sorters. Continuous modelling can be applied to almost any plant area where a continuous stream of product is conveyed. Modelling a process extracts knowledge of capacities, bottlenecks and constraints.

BWX 1112 High Troughput Large Diamond X-ray Sorter

On beltdetection X-ray sorter. Primary Large diamond bulk recovery. Material feed size range (-100 +6mm). Material feed application wet.

Osprey Ultra Violet Diamond Scavenger Sorter

CDU 1130 Osprey Ultra Violet Diamond Scavenger Sorter applied in final sorting of recon and sorthouse tailings
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