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Discrete or Continuous Modelling

Discrete or Continuous Modelling

Simulation of discrete or continuous processes for capacity expansion or throughput enhancement projects.

The modelling application, once developed, allows an end user to run in-house scenarios on their process. Discrete modelling can be undertaken on processes, such as laboratories or particle sorters. Continuous modelling can be applied to almost any plant area where a continuous stream of product is conveyed. Modelling a process extracts knowledge of capacities, bottlenecks and constraints. It can also provide a platform to extract performance data (throught puts etc.) of a process before it has been built. In this way, designs can be verified and costly construction mistakes avoided.

Features and Specifications:
  • There is no cost for the actual modelling software. An executable program can be generated for the end user to experiment with
  • Scenarios can be run with almost any combination of process capacities and timing
  • Information on maximum capacities (e.g. maximum required stockpile sizes), throughputs (e.g. average samples per day), constraints and bottlenecks can be obtained without actually building the facility
  • Designs can be verified and adjusted to utilise the minimum number of resources

  • Cost savings can result where over-design has occurred
  • Business cases can be generated by attaching currency values to the model outputs
  • Efficiency studies can expose under utilisation of resources
  • Throughputs can be improved by learning about the process and upgrading specific areas

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