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Docklock System

Docklock System

The Docklock system is designed to facilitate the secure transfer and transportation of dry concentrate between processing stations in the process. The Docklock system comprises of two basic units namely a Docklock Station and a Docklock Canister. The Stations are attached to fixed processing equipment in the plant and are used for filling and emptying the Docklock Canister.

Features and Specifications:

  • The Docklock Canisters are software coded and can be activated only by a specific Docklock Station

  • The system has a “Moby E” Transponder, which stores and provides information electronically pertaining to the location and contents of the canister

  • The system has an optional Microwave level detector, which communicates with the User Control System to automatically stop the concentrate flow, to prevent the can from over filling. This feature can only be applied in product that is dust free


  • Prevents spillage of material during transfer

  • Installation and commissioning of the system can be carried out by mine personnel

  • Ensures security of the material during transfer from the processing plant into the predefined containers and vice-versa

  • Store and provide information electronically on a “Moby E” Transponder pertaining to the location and content of the canister

  • Prevents the material from being discharged out of the processing plant into anything other than predefined containers and vice-versa

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