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Osprey Ultra Violet Diamond Scavenger Sorter



Free fall UV diamond scavenging sorter, single pass, single input. LoVol unit – final processing of tailings from re-concentration processes like X-ray recon, sort house glove boxes, SPS, etc.  Material size range (-32mm + 1mm) split at appropriate ratio and feedrates. Material feed application dry. Feasible grease replacement technology.


Features and Specifications


   Robust air ejector system

◊   Modular, compact robust and ergonomic design

◊   Split cabinet design – separate process and service compartment for enhanced security

◊   Single network interface for control and information

◊   Full maintenance support

◊   User friendly menu driven OTI and HMI

◊   Tracer catch trays for tracer tests

Estimated througput capacity




Feedrate (kg/hr)

-4 + 1


-8 + 4


-16 + 8


-32 +16






Optimum diamond scavenging with minimum gangue material at high feedrates

◊   Spillage free, low yields

◊   Operator and maintenance friendly

◊   Complete operator safety

◊   Low operating costs

◊   Low Capex

◊Complimentary technology to X-ray sorting


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