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Process Simulation and Diamond Damage Services

Process Simulation and Diamond Damage Services

Basic Diamond Damage Risk Assessment

For simple processes or for cases where only an assessment of the risk of diamond damage is required, the diamond damage risk indicator maps (DDRI maps) are employed. These maps were developed within De Beers based on test work and an in-depth understanding of diamond fracture. Maps for all different materials that a diamond may come into contact with can be generated.

Detailed Diamond Damage Estimation

For cases where a detailed estimate of the extent of diamonddamage is required, the diamond damage simulator (DDS) is utilised. This takes, as input, a detailed description of the process dynamics, achieved by means of Physics-based process simulations, and determines an estimate of the extent of diamond damage. Monte Carlo simulation can be used to determine the confidence in such estimates. If suitable revenue information is available the diamond damage estimate can be converted into a revenue loss estimate.

Process Simulation

Detailed Physics-based simulations of complex processes enable analysis and visualisation of process dynamics. This can be employed to estimate the extent of diamond damage due to the process. Alternatively such tools can be utilised to optimise the performance of the process of interest. Simulation tools include: CFD (Fluent) DEM (PFC, EDEM).

Materials Testing and Characterisation

We have access to a range of characterisation and testing equipment, which can be used to conduct highly controlled test programmes. We offer full solutions including test design, performing experimental work, extraction and interpretation of data. All of this is performed to the highest scientific standards to ensure that maximum information is generated.

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