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Raven Single Particle Sorter (COARSE and FINE)

Raven Single Particle Sorter (COARSE and FINE)

Single Particle Sorting of Diamondiferous material using Laser technology. Depending on feed conditions the diamond by weight of concentrate produced can be in excess of 95%.

Features and Specifications:
  • Sealed diamond path with no hang-up or spillage
  • Fully automated, hands off
  • SCADA interface
  • Full Maintenance support
  • Material flow path is separate from electronics to enhance security during maintenance
  • 99% Diamond Recovery (RAVEN COARSE)*
  • 98% -4mm and 99% -8mm Diamond Recovery (RAVEN FINE)*

  • Self-testing
  • Built-in Diagnostics
  • Secure

* 50% Diamond by weight feed at correct size ratio.

Throughput Capacity:
Size Range (mm) Feedrate (Kg / hr)
-16 +8 5
-32 +16 15
Material size range -32mm to +8mm
Size Range (mm) Feedrate (Kg / hr)
-2 +1 0.25
-4 +2 0.50
-8 +4 0.80
Material size range -8mm to +1mm

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