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X-ray Product Support System (PSS)

X-ray Product Support System (PSS)

DebTech engineers have equipment design and application support experience in a wide range of recovery machines and plants. In collaboration with metallurgical personnel from the De Beers Group mines, they have designed a recovery plant Product Support System.

The Product Support System (PSS) is a computerised system that provides critical on–line information on the performance (metallurgical and technical) of DebTech diamond recovery machines. This information allows both metallurgical and engineering personnel to optimise the recovery machines for a specific process function and source being treated, mainly in terms of diamond recovery, yield, feed rate and utilisation.

Since this system is web based, it provides first line support to the operations staff as well as remote support for DebTech technicians, since the server(s) can be linked, via the De Beers Wide Area Network (WAN). The system is configured using standard SCADA software (Citect Version 6.0), operating in a Windows XP / 2000™ environment. The system is customised for each installation (in terms of tag database and plant flow only). The system consists of a real-time data server that obtains information from the sorting machines via the plant network and provides some historical information storage (alarms, process data, events etc). Where applicable, a dedicated historical data server will be included in the design.

This Product supports the X-ray machines in the Recovery and assists the mine personnel in operating, optimising and maintaining the machines.

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