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Donaldson Filtration Systems (Pty) Ltd

Donaldson Static Air Filtration Systems

Donaldson Static Air Filtration Systems

Donaldson static air filtration systems are unique. Often chosen to protect inlet air on turbines and generators in urban, industrial, offshore, marine, and coastal environment, they are maintenance free in the sense that the fine filter elements change-out is matching with the major turbo-machinery overhaul thanks to the extended filtration media area and the enormous dust holding capacity

GTM for Marine/Offshore Applications
Our 4-stage system very effectively removes dirt and salt particulate from the airstream, AND virtually eliminates water carry-over –- so the turbine on your FPSO, oil platform, or coastal location is well protected despite the weather. Modular configurations allow sizing for any turbine, small or large.

The modular GDS filtration compact package cleans inlet air for gas turbines and generators in both on shore and offshore applications around the world. Pairs of cartridge filters, mounted horizontally in the filter house delivers low initial and operating pressure drops, enormously high dust holding capacity and maximum filtration efficiency. It incorporates the Donaldson Spider-Web® nanofiber filtration technology. It is available for all sizes of gas turbines up for largest turbines and down to the smallest machines. Multi face intake systems are available with or without weather hoods and moisture eliminators.
The design is compatible with any performance enhancement inlet systems such as evaporative coolers, chillers and anti-icing systems.
GDS System Description

The classical offshore type pocket filter
Donaldson also supplies the well-known and classical offshore filter type: vane- pockets- vane systems at competitive price, with extended pocket life and the highest efficiency.

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