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Submersible Electric Pumps

Submersible Electric Pumps

The E6VX series submersible electric pumps in stamped and welded stainless steel cover the segment of the market who requires stainless steel but not for aggressive and critical enviroments.
The E6VX series is coupled to oil-filled motors MCO series. On request, it can also be coupled to MCOI6 motors (AISI304 stainless steel) or the wate- filled MAC6 series.

Regarding to our competitors’ pumps, the E6VX series is the only one with a canned construction to be equipped with the DEFENDER TM protector, which is covered by a Caprari international patent: the result is a sturdier construction as well as greater resistance to electro-chemical corrosion and galvanic currents thanks to the passivating effect that DEFENDER TM has on the stainless steel.DEFENDER TM has been installed right to make the product longer lasting and distinguish it from the competitors’ product manufactured with a similar construction technology.

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