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Swagelok® Ball Valves

Ball Valves, Instrumentation Ball Valves, Process Ball Valves

Process and Instrumentation Ball Valves
Swagelok® ball valves are available in a variety of standard materials and end connections. In addition, Swagelok offers ball valves manufactured or configured to the special needs of your applications.
Swagelok® 40G Series Ball Valve Technical Bulletin
The Swagelok® 40 series one-piece instrumentation ball valve has performed reliably for nearly 40 years in multiple industries. Swagelok has modified the valve construction and developed an innovative assembly process. The result is the new 40G series ball valve, which features an expanded operating temperature rating, improved thermal cycling capabilities, and reduced potential for leaks.
Using a patent-pending seal design, the 40G series ball valve resists packing deformation, or “cold-flow,” for increased thermal performance and improved leak resistance. Its expanded temperature range, from –65 to 300°F (–53 to 148°C), meets application demands for both environmental and heated-process applications.
3-Piece Process/Instrumentation 60 Series Ball Valves
With a unique coned-disc, spring-loaded seat; live-loaded, two-piece chevron stem packing; and three-piece, swing-out design, 3-piece process/instrumentation 60 series ball valves are designed for reliability and low maintenance. They are available in many materials, configurations, and options, as well as special-service valves for steam, thermal, low-temperature, all-welded, rapid-cycle, chlorine, and fire services.


Trunnion-Style 83 and H83 Series Ball Valves
Swagelok trunnion-style 83 and H83 series ball valves provide durable service in high- and low-pressure applications. They feature a compact, maximum-flow design, low operating torque, and wide temperature range, and can be ordered with ECE R110-type approval.
Multipurpose AFS Ball Valves
With flow coefficients up to 13.8, Swagelok multipurpose AFS 2-way ball valves meet the demands of compressed natural gas, hydrogen, and other general industrial applications where high flow and higher pressures are required. They feature low operating torque, no need for packing adjustment, compatibility with hydrogen and compressed natural gas (CNG), and ECE R110, NGV 3.1, and NGV 4.6 approval.

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