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Swagelok® Pressure Regulators

Regulators: Back-Pressure Dome-Loaded, Back-Pressure Spring-Loaded, Pressure-Reducing Dome-Loaded, Pressure-Reducing Spring-Loaded, Specialty
  • Back-pressure and pressure-reducing models
  • Spring-, dome-, and air-loaded models
  • Vaporizing models
  • Gas cylinder changeover model

Swagelok® Back-Pressure, Dome-Loaded Regulators

Back-pressure regulators control inlet pressure by balancing an adjustable spring force against the force of the inlet pressure. The spring force is adjusted by turning the stem/handle, which sets the desired inlet pressure. When the force rises above the force of the spring, the regulator opens until the spring force and inlet pressure are balanced again.
Swagelok® Back-Pressure, Spring-Loaded Regulators
Back-pressure spring-loaded regulators are designed to maintain back-pressure control in analytical or process systems upstream of the regulator, high-flow applications, portable or laboratory analytical systems, gas or liquid applications, and high-sensitivity conditions. They are available in various styles to adapt to any setting or requirement. Their features make possible minimal leakage potential, low internal volume,  lightweight or compact designs, panel-mounting, and more.
Swagelok® Pressure-Reducing, Dome-Loaded Regulators
Pressure-reducing dome-loaded regulators deliver many options and features that include compact sizes, dome- and air-loaded styles, piston sensing, balanced designs, high-purity, high-flow, integral pilot-operated, and differential. They can be ordered as both venting and non-venting. Multiple gauge connection configurations are also available.
Swagelok® Pressure-Reducing, Spring-Loaded Regulators
Pressure-reducing spring-loaded regulators are available in numerous models to fulfill different needs. They are designed for use in applications requiring constant outlet pressure, gas or liquid applications, minimum droop in low-flow and low-pressure conditions, control for pressures up to 10000 psig (689 bar), high-purity or high-flow applications, compact settings, and more. Features include bottom mounting, self venting, tamper-free designs, panel-mounting, convoluted and non-perforated diaphragm, metal or polymer seats, and two-stage.


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