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Graphite Products

Graphite Products

 Morgan Advanced Materials supply a wide range of graphite products suited for use within industry.

Graphite is widely used in the sintered carbide, refractory and metallurgy fields for moulds, crucibles, boats and trays.
Graphite is favoured for many applications because of good thermal shock resistance stability at high temperatures and high thermal conductivity.
It is readily machineable and is not wetted by most molten metals.

Graphite crucibles are used for high temperature treating and processing operations for melting metals.
Graphite crucibles act as containers and heaters in the evaporation of metals in the vacuum metallising process.

Boats range from simple rectangular plates to elaborate boxes fitted with lids. High thermal conductivity makes graphite useful as containing boats for powder metallurgy parts.
Graphite may be adapted to moulds for static castings of most metals and precious metal bars such as gold and silver. Graphite moulds are more economical than steel moulds because they can be easily machined to any desired shape.


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