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FRESE Flow Control Valve

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Frese (pronounced Frease) is the name in Automatic Balancing valves in the HVAC industry. With a Delta Pressure variance of between 6 and 600 kPa, the Frese Automatic Balancing valve will deliver a constant flow within 5% of accuracy > or <
Alpha Flow Control Valve:
From small size threaded valves (DN15) to big flanged type valves (DN800), from small heating units to sea-water district cooling applications, Frese Alpha Valves guarantee the hydraulic balance of the system regardless pressure fluctuations.
Mixcon Flow Control Valve:
MixCon is a fail-safe mixing valve for hot and cold water. If the cold water fails the valve shuts off the hot water supply within 4 seconds.
EVA Flow Control Valve:
Frese EVA BASIC is a valve particularly designed for the balancing of cooling and heating units, cooling ceilings/beams and fan coil units. By means of Frese EVA the optimum flow rate is ensured in each control area. This flow rate is maintained in spite of pressure fluctuations in the system.
Circon  Flow Control Valve:
CirCon TemCon + and are control valves designed for TemCon domestic hot water installations with circulation. The valves automatically control the temperature of the water that circulates through the valves. Thus the thermal balance is ensured throughout the domestic hot water system. The valve is adjusted on a scale to a desired temperature in the interval between 37°C and 65°C.


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