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The Superior Filtration Gravity Lamella Settler is a modular, high rate inclined tube settler that uses a counter-current flow principle for effective solids removal. The inclined tube concept provides an effective settling area that is equal to the area of each tube as projected onto a horizontal surface.


Gravity Lamella Settlers are typically installed in the secondary phase of water treatment to remove floc and sediment:


  1. Removal of floc during the secondary stage of the treatment of potable water, before final / polishing filtration
  2. Removal of floc and other sediment from industrial process water


The Gravity Lamella Settler system offers reliable liquid/solid separation for the following industries:


How it Works


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  1. Dirty water enters the unit via a velocity reducer
  2. The velocity reducer guides the water lower and it is introduced below the lamellae
  3. As the water flows upwards, the solids settle on the inclined, parallel tubes and slide into the sludge hopper at the bottom
  4. Further thickening of the sludge is achieved in the hopper due to compaction in the quiescent zone beneath the tubes.
  5. The clarified water leaves the plate assembly at the top and overflows to a collection chamber leading to the clarified water outlet.
  6. The sludge is periodically discharged from the hopper via the sludge drain. Sludge discharge valves could be manually or automatically operated.



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