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Gravity Screen Filter

Gravity Screen Filter


Our GraviFilter is a highly efficient gravity (non-pressurised) screen filter with an integral, continuous cleaning mechanism (self-cleaning). It is used for the removal of suspended solids from water. It is effective in the removal of soft, fibrous and organic solids and it operates efficiently in process systems with higher solids loads. GraviFilter offers extended flow intervals with limited operator intervention.



The GraviFilter is installed in process lines to remove macro- and micro-solids from suspension, specifically where there is a higher solids load and where the solids are soft, organic or fibrous. GraviFilter applications include the following:


  1. Pre-Filtration:
    • For membrane separation processes
    • For treatment processes on potable water- and sewage-wastewater plants
    • For treatment processes on industrial process water plants
  2. Final Filtration

To protect water spray systems or equipment

  • Water Spray Systems
    • Dust suppression
    • Irrigation
    • Filter presses
  • Equipment Protection
  • Pump glands (gland service water)
  • Measuring and Metering equipment
  • Heat exchangers


  • Removal of solids from water for general purpose plant re-use



The GraviFilter is used extensively in all industries where water forms part of the process and where macro- and micro-particles needs to be removed from suspension. These include:



How it Works

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The GraviFilter consists of:

  • Inlet and flow regulation
  • Filtration screen and clean water sump
  • Self-cleaning mechanism including high pressure pump and drive motor
  • Waste sump
  • The flow of dirty water into the GraviFilter must be regulated. Flow regulation can be by control valve or by a dedicated feed pump.
  • Controls can be implemented to activate and de-activate the filter based on availability of dirty water or based on the level of the clean water sump.
  • Dirty water flows onto the screen via a balancing chamber that spreads the water evenly across the width of the screen. This chamber also retains all oversized particles.
  • As the water flows onto the screen, it falls under gravity into the clean water sump underneath the screen. From the clean water sump the water can flow under gravity or it can be pumped to service.
  • Solids that are larger than the screen apertures are retained on the screen surface. Reciprocating spray nozzles are situated directly below the screen, facing upwards. Clean, filtered water supplied to these nozzles spray upwards through the screen and lifts the solids back into the path of the forward flowing water. This combination lift / forward motion moves the solids towards the waste sump at the end of the screen.
  • A set of top spray nozzles are mounted above the screen. Any solids remaining on the screen are periodically washed off with clean, filtered water supplied via these top spray nozzles.
  • The actions of the reciprocal spray nozzles in conjunction with the top spray nozzles provide the integral, continuous cleaning function.
  • The spray nozzles are fed with the filtered water out of the clean water sump, either from a dedicated pump or from after the main system pumps. The reciprocal movement of the nozzles is activated by a small electrical motor and gearbox, or a pneumatic cylinder.
  • The re-use of filtered water to feed the integral cleaning mechanism results in minimal water loss.
  • The benefit of gravity filtration is that you avoid the danger of permanent blockage or damage to the screen. The unforced filtration process also prevents the breaking up of flocculated particles and organic matter.




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