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Janitza UMG 604 Power Quality Meter

Janitza UMG 604 Power Quality Meter

Product News Friday, December 11, 2009: Harmonious Technical

Major increases of energy costs make electrical energy a driving force in costing. With the UMG 604, you can make the first step towards better cost efficiency. The precise collection of all energy data and electrical parameters ensures the necessary amount of transparency in your energy supplies. Concepts can be developed on the basis of the data e.g. electricity cost reductions and the introduction of measures. These targeted improvements can also be monitored and recorded with the UMG 604.

The UMG 604, equipped with a 500 MHz DSP (digital signal processor), is a fast and high performing power analyser. The continuous scanning of eight channels with 20 KHz per channel enables the collection of all relevant electrical parameters (more than 800 values), minimum and maximum values, the basic power quality values such as harmonics (up to the 40th, each phase with direction recognition) and short term interruptions.

Even fast transients (> 50µs) can be safely identified. Using modern communication processes, the collected data is conducted to a central location, stored centrally in a high-performance database and provided for further processing in an open system. Simple integration in an existing building management system control or PLC environment expands the areas of application of the UMG 604.

Added value through additional functions
Through the integration of various functions, the UMG 604 power analyser goes far beyond the limits of digital multifunctional measuring equipment:

¦Multifunctional measuring equipment
¦Transient recorder
¦Meter(kWh, kvarh)
¦Peak demand management
¦A harmonic analyser
¦Status monitoring
¦Event recorder
¦Data logger