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Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Correction

Service News Monday, December 14, 2009: Harmonious Technical

The customer have increased the load to exceed the supply from the utility, the option was to reduce production or find and alterative solution. Harmonious technical was requested to investigate and a load study was conducted on the site.

Load studies are normally done over a two week period to ensure that production has a full load cycle. Harmonious Technical designed the solution by doing a load audit. It was concluded from the report that the customer required 3 banks on this site. The following was prescribed 600KVAr, 400kVAr and a 200KVAr units tuned to the 3.8th harmonic.
The customer placed the order and the system was installed.

The system was supplied and the result was as predicted in the load study. The demand was reduced from 2MVA to 1,6MV allowing the customer to run the plant at full production.
The additional advantages was that the supply transformers that was supplying the load (at 100%) was operating at their thermal limit is now only loaded at 80%. The transformers are running cooler and the system is more efficiently used.


Additional to this
• Is the harmonic levels have been reduced extending the life cycle of the equipment.
• Voltage support improved the quality of the products.


We believe that a well designed power factor system will improve the utility bill, the efficiency of the distribution plant and production.