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Glocon Inc.

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Industrial Fans, Agricultural Fans, Impellers

Industrial Fans, Agricultural Fans, Impellers

Product News Friday, February 25, 2011: Glocon Inc.

The premium Swifter® SW/SE fiberglass axial impellerseries can be used in a broad range of applications including HVAC,cooling towers, condensers, chillers, misting fans, air cooled heatexchangers, ventilators, paint booths, and spray booths. The SW/SEindustrial axial impeller fan series incorporates advanced composite/FRPfan technology and optimized aerodynamic fan blade profiles thatprovide greater corrosion resistance from exposure to chemicals andmoisture, as well as higher total efficiency and less blade vibrationfor quieter operation.

The SW/SE series axial impellers have a unique fiberglass bladeconstruction, superior structuralintegrity and can typically be operated at higher RPM limits to achieveincreased airflow as compared to other axial impellers havingfabricated sheet metal or thermoplastic fan blades, yet the SW/SEseries axial impeller is lighter in weight than comparable aluminumcast propellers. The SW/SE series fiberglass impellers/propellers areavailable in standard diameters ranging from 20” to 60”.

Custom designed axial impellersizes, colors and configurations are also available.  We canmanufacture industrial impellers, industrial propellers, industrialprops, fiberglass impellers, fiberglass propellers, industrial fans,industrial fan blades, industrial blowers, hubs, fan stacks, shrouds,housings, etc. per YOUR specifications.

Glocon Inc. is an industrial fan manufacturer, best known for its innovative line of Swifter® high performance industrial fans.