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Lee Spring Mil-Spec stock springs in the UK

Lee Spring Mil-Spec stock springs in the UK

Product News Wednesday, April 22, 2020: Lee Spring Ltd

Lee Spring are pleased to announce they have a full range of military specification springs in their catalogue. This MIL-SPEC range consists of the Compression MS24585 and Extension MS24586, both of which can be customised to suit specific applications.

Lee Spring MIL-SPEC springs adhere to the United States Defence Standard and have been used in America to help achieve standardisation objectives set by the U.S. Department of Defence. This includes high precision designs which meet strict technical requirements to be used in a multitude of Military and Aerospace applications and are referenced all around the world.

The MIL-SPEC range is available in four AS24585 and AS24586 approved materials. These include Uncoated Music Wire, Cadmium Plated Music Wire, Zinc Plated Music Wire, and Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel 302, giving them the strong and durable, yet flexible qualities needed in the industry.

They are known interchangeably as “military standards”, “MIL-SPEC”, “MIL-STD”, or “MilSpecs”. These high precision designs meet stringent technical requirements and are used in a multitude of Military and Aerospace applications, both defence and non-defence related on a global basis. MIL-SPEC springs are increasingly specified by other non-defence government organisations, technical organisations, and highly regulated industries because of the high level of standardisation and quality inherent in these products.

Lee Spring has adapted some of its processes to adhere to the new MIL-SPEC designs. The standard for compression springs for loads below 20lbs used to be MS24585, and is now AS24585. The MIL-SPEC standard for extension springs for loads below 30lbs is AS24586; this was formerly MS24586.

All MIL-SPEC springs are available in the four authorised AS24585 and AS24586 materials: Uncoated Music Wire per ASTM A228; Cadmium Plated Music Wire in accordance with SAE-AMS-QQ-P-416, Type II, Class 2; Zinc Plated Music Wire in accordance with ASTM B633, Type II, Fe/Zn5; Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel 302 per ASTM A313 with passivation treatment in accordance with ASTM A967 or AMS2700. DFARS Compliant Stainless Steel included in Lee Spring ex-stock.

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