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New Elesa connecting clamps in technopolymer for tubular frames and mountings

New Elesa connecting clamps in technopolymer for tubular frames and mountings

Product News Wednesday, November 3, 2021: Elesa (UK) Ltd

Elesa’s new additions to their connecting clamp range include units with base, pivoting clamp bases and pivoting connection clamps, to match existing types already available. This range of pipe connecting clamps for round and square tubes is suitable for suspended pipe installations, pipe frames and mounting structures.

They include many in Technopolymer, Aluminium and Stainless steel and accommodate sizes from 10mm up to 50mm dia round section and 20x20mm to 50x50mm square in production or industrial settings. Typical uses include semi-permanent frameworks, handrails, lighting rigs, mounting of instrumentation/sensors/ cameras etc. in construction and manufacturing environments.

The Elesa range of connecting clamps for tubes is available as cross clamps, fixing bases, T terminals, and swivel clamps. They feature clamps made from aluminium and stainless steel which are ideal for environments where corrosion-resistant materials are required. Specially-designed stainless steel screws with hex headed screw closure or flush screw and hex nut are used to prevent the accumulation of moisture with polymer and silicone-sealing washers to make the clamps waterproof.

The range also includes – two-way connecting clamps with/without base, bases for mounting on floors or platforms, offset bases and large area bases for load spreading. T-shaped connecting clamps, right-angled clamps, supports for round or square tube, straight connectors, pivoting clamps and bases, plus sensor holders.

The clamps themselves are accompanied by a range of tubes with round and square sections in high-strength, load-bearing stainless steel and flexible, cost-effective, aluminium suitable for lightweight constructions. Together with clamps and tubes, the Elesa selection includes monitor mounts, threaded hole end-caps for tubes, and a clamping kit as an alternative to normal clamping screws.

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