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Transport hardware for Commercial and Specialist vehicles, from EMKAElectronic locking systems from

Transport hardware for Commercial and Specialist vehicles, from EMKAElectronic locking systems from

Product News Thursday, November 2, 2023: EMKA UK Ltd

The team at EMKA advise that their electronic locking systems are also of value for sectors far removed from electrical and electronic cabinets, in applications such as commercial vehicles and caravan manufacture. In these situations, they can offer a way that closure and locking systems may be completely mounted internally and therefore not visible from the outside - since surface interruptions in the form of handles or hinges are generally undesirable for the styling and utility of these vehicles. These application-focused systems ensure a functioning, reliable and secure lock which is difficult for unauthorised persons to open, coupled with other appropriate high-quality hardware components.

The company’s locking solutions for many types of utility vehicles like trucks, buses, mobile homes or trailers ?stand ?out ?due ?to their ?modular? structure, ?versatility ?and ?high ?quality. These solutions are all specifically designed to comply ?with? the? special ?requirements? of ?the? sector ?and ?to meet ?the? relevant ?standards for industrial vehicles.

Our attention is drawn to the ePush Lock? which is installed to be invisible from the outside,? so that opening and closing are achieved by pressing the flap/door? which ensures no interruption of the outer sealing due to mounting on the inside?. A related design is the eCam electromechanical latch for all types of cam locks? which may be installed in new and existing systems.? Locking/Unlocking may be achieved in a stand-alone guise also with a keypad or RFID card reader? and for integration into access control systems or machine controls?.

A typical mechanical example is the Double Red compression latch, also available in white for a special look or in black made of eco-material. The rotary handle is only lockable in the closed state and provides a robust solution for many years of use – it is tamper and vibration-proof according to DIN EN 61373.

The EMKA engineers explain that they have a single-point latch?, a safety quarter turn, a 90° 3D hinge and a compression latch-hinge plus a 180° gear hinge, together with accessories such as a bow-type handle and an emergency hammer to complete the installation.

Further information on Transport hardware for Commercial and Specialist vehicles from EMKA can be found at Readers can find the latest information and news on the EMKA blog – or follow them on twitter -