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Industrial Fan for Commercial Use, Big Warehouse Fans, HVLS fans

Industrial Fan for Commercial Use, Big Warehouse Fans, HVLS fans

Product News Tuesday, April 26, 2011: Glocon Inc.

Glocon Inc. introduces its newest and most innovative high volume low speed industrial ceiling fan.  The Swifter® HVLS Series is available up to 24 feet in diameter and can be used to efficiently cool very large, high ceiling commercial spaces, such as industrial warehouses, big box stores, manufacturing and assembly plants, gymnasiums, theaters, sports arenas and airports.   

Swifter® HVLS (high volume, low speed industrial) ceiling fans are made of lightweight components for ease of installation and maintenance. Compared to other commercial HVLS ceiling fans, the cost of installation is lower for our fans. The fan system can be installed by a single person. Because of our unique built-in hoist mechanism, once the mounting hardware is secured to the ceiling, raising the fan assembly to ceiling height does not require cranes or heavy lifting equipment.

Glocon Inc. is a manufacturer of a premium line of industrial fiberglass fans, under the Swifter® trade name, including the CTX Series Industrial Fans for cooling towers and air cooled heat exchangers and the SW/SE Series Axial Impeller Fans for HVAC, exhaust, agriculture and other outdoor and corrosive applications.

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