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Frequency Shielded Enclosure

Frequency Shielded Enclosure

Product News Thursday, September 22, 2005: Dynapace

Dynapace introduces a new Radio Frequency Shielded Enclosure for inline test and programming of RF producing or sensitive product. This unique 1-Meter test enclosure offers a compact inline solution to the challenge of providing an RF shielded environment in a moving PCB assembly line. The RF enclosure incorporates an edge carry conveyor, RF tight doors which open and close to admit and release product, a clamp to hold the product securely, a lifting mechanism to bring a customer provided test fixture in contact with the bottom of the PCB. Also a compartment is provided in the lower cabinet to house support electronics for the test fixture as well as a peripheral shelf in front for a keyboard and a swivel monitor stand. EMI/RFI shielding effectiveness is designed to be greater than 60db up to 6GHZ. Product up to 18 inches wide by 20 long with above board clearance of 1 inch can be accommodated. Hand crank width adjustment is standard and a large removable panel is provided to allow easy access for changing test fixtures.

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