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Constant Force Springs

Constant Force Springs from Lee Spring Ltd

Lee Spring offer Constant Force Springs in four Life Cycle ranges. Each spring is a roll of high yield Type 301 Stainless Steel strip exerting a nearly constant restraining force to resist uncoiling. When the strip is extended, the inherent stress resists the loading force at a nearly constant rate.
Guide to Mounting Constant Force Springs:
A Contant Force Spring is usually mounted by first tightly wrapping it on a drum, then attaching the free end to the loading force such as in a counterbalance application. This relationship can also be reversed.
  • The drum diameter should be 10 to 20% larger than its natural diameter.
  • One and one-half wraps should remain on the drum at maximum extension.
  • The strip becomes unstable at long extensions and should be guided to prevent twisting or kinking on recoil.
  • Idler pulleys must be larger in diameter than the natural diameter and should never be used to cause back-bending against the natural radius of curvature.

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