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Abeco Tanks (Pty) Ltd

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Tel: +27 (0)11 616 7999
Fax: +27 (0)11 616 8355
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6A Bradford Road,
South Africa

Postal Address

PO Box 751781,
South Africa

Company Description

Abeco was established in 1983 with the aim of satisfying the ever increasing need for hygienic storage of life's essential: water. Abeco realized that the greatest need for sanitary water lay in communities with limited resources. It adopted as its guiding principle the aim of developing the most cost effective solutions to water storage needs without compromise to safety, hygiene, quality or durability. Using modern technology it has become a leading innovator in the development of water storage solutions. Product evaluation and development is an ongoing activity in the organization.

Abeco tanks are very rugged but can be transported and installed using basic equipment and manual labour. Several thousand tanks have been supplied throughout the Southern African region. As a result of dedication and commitment to its stated aims Abeco is now one of the major participants in this market and is continually establishing its presence in other regions.

Features / Advantages

Abeco pressed steel tanks can satisfy most liquid storage applications. Due to their modular design Abeco tanks offer a great number of advantages.


  • Safe hygienic water storage
  • Unaffected by ultra violet or light penetration
  • Rugged and simple design
  • Transportable to remote locations
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Reduced project lead time from initialization to completion
  • Access to restricted places
  • Apart from cold water applications Abeco Tanks are also supplied for:
    • Hot water
    • Fuels
    • Effluent
    • Corrosive Liquids
Highlights & Achievements 
  • Reaching over 20 000 installations 
  • The installation of the first 5 million rectangular tank in 2008 – which is still the biggest bolted steel tank in Southern Africa to date 
  • The installation of the first 3 million circular bolted tank in 2009 
  • The installation of a 5 x 500 cubic meter tank on a 25 meter stand – located on the north east coast of central America – the structure had to be designed to withstand hurricanes which had historically played a devastating role in the area 
  • ABECO has supplied storage tanks to over 30 countries 
  • ABECO is the first steel manufacturer to receive ISO9001 accreditation in 2010
  • SABS certification


Abeco Tanks design and supply the following tanks:
  • Above Ground Water Storage Tank
  • Above Ground Water Tank
  • Aluminum Tanks
  • Circular Sectional Steel Tanks
  • Circular Sectional Tanks
  • Circular Tanks
  • Corrosive Liquid Storage Tanks
  • Corrosive Liquid Tanks
  • Elevated Tanks
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Ground Level Tanks
  • Ground Tanks
  • Horizontal Steel Tanks
  • Horizontal Tank Supports
  • Large Water Storage Tanks
  • Metal Water Tanks
  • Rectangular Tanks
  • Rectangular Water Tanks
  • Round Steel Tanks
  • Sectional Steel Tanks
  • Slender Tanks
  • Special Shaped Tanks
  • Special Tanks


  • Steel Fuel Tanks
  • Steel Storage Tanks
  • Steel Tanks
  • Steel Water Tanks
  • Storage Tanks
  • Storage Water Tanks
  • Tank Supports
  • Tanks : Fuel Storage Tank
  • Tanks : Support Towers
  • Tanks : Tank Foundations
  • Tanks : Tank Supports
  • Water Elevated Tanks
  • Water Storage Reservoirs Tanks
  • Water Storage Tanks
  • Water Tank Towers
  • Water Tanks


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