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Recording Studio Case Study

Recording Studio Case Study

Product News Thursday, August 31, 2017: Mimic Components CC


SEGMENT: Musical instruments and recording studio equipment services, repairs, and technicians

INDUSTRY: Recording Studio, Sound Mixing, Rehearsal, Production, Dance Studio’s, and Night Clubs

The challenge

A new recording studio in Jo’burg wants to guarantee the best recording experience to their clients. This includes the use of their equipment which needs to stay at constant temperatures; not too hot or too humid. Abnormal temperatures can affect hi-tech pieces of equipment like microphones, which contain a sensitive condenser that can be greatly affected by high temperature and humidity. This can result in distortions, ‘clicks and pops’ when recording, all of which impacts on the overall sound quality of the final product. Previously, they relied on the air conditioner. However, it regularly broke down and this interfered with their clients recording experience in addition to equipment damages.

The solution

The studio started looking for a solution that would notify the staff at once of fluctuations in temperatures and humidity. After some research, they decided to buy the EL-WiFi sensors due to its competitive price and remote management via Cloud software. They invested in four EL-WiFi-TH sensors, which they deployed in specific areas throughout the studios. These sensors measure humidity and temperature between the range of 20 to 60°C and -4 to 140°F. The sensors now collect data consistently with a member of staff manually checking the logs three to four times a day. The WiFi system stores data securely on the cloud and sends key personnel notifications of alarms and system status.

The Benefit

A huge benefit for the studio is that staff are now able to place a “high-temperature threshold” limit on the sensors.

Due to the FilesThruTheAir™ Cloud remote monitoring system with automated alerts, the studio has simplified temperature monitoring, saving them time and significant financial saving thanks to the equipment being in a stable temperature environment.


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