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Timber Storage Case Study

Timber Storage Case Study

Product News Thursday, August 31, 2017: Mimic Components CC


SEGMENT: Lumber Mills, Saw Mills, Timber Manufactures & Merchants

INDUSTRY: Timber warehouses, suppliers, distributors, outlets, joineries, cabinets makers & restorers

The challenge

The effect of moisture and humidity on wood plays an important role in timber production. Too much moisture in the air could swell the wood. Too little, the wood could crack. Timber needs constant humidity monitoring and control. The cost of failure drastically rises if the wood is not stored in a proper environment. The first thing a timber distributer did was to monitor the central humidity system in an attempt to minimize losses. They used a shelf recorder device that only recorded statically, and since they had to manually log the information, they had no idea what the environment was like when the plant shut down for the weekend. This system just didn’t work leaving them no option but to regulate the humidity more dynamically.

The solution

The distributor needed a better way to measure temperature and humidity consistently. They decided to try a low-cost temperature and humidity USB data logger and placed the EL-USB-2 loggers in nearly every part of the plant, tracking the conditions the wood experiences.  Using the free configuration software, they programmed the loggers to take readings every five minutes and then left them in key areas of production and storage to track the humidity. After leaving the data loggers to log for several days they downloaded the readings and graphed a full week’s worth of what turned out to be invaluable data. Once they tightened control of the plant’s central humidity system based on data from the EL-USB-2, they quickly noticed a significant drop in the amount of scrapped wood and the new humidity settings is giving the wood the correct moisture it needs over the weekends. Weekly start-ups clearly showed that the splits in wood had drastically come down. These results proved to be so beneficial that this system was implemented for goods-in-transport where summer’s humidity delivers an overabundance of moisture in the trucks, swelling, and cracking several woods during transportation.


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