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Enerpac Africa (Pty) Ltd.

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Jack Up Systems

Jack Up Systems

Product News Thursday, March 17, 2016: Enerpac Africa (Pty) Ltd.

The jack up system is a custom developed multipoint lifting system. A typical system setup includes four jack up units positioned under each corner of a load. A four unit setup has a lifting capacity of 2,000 metric tons (500 tons per unit).

The lifting frame of a jack up unit contains four hydraulic cylinders in each corner which lift and stack steel boxes. A load is lifted in increments as boxes are slid into the system, lifted, and stacked; forming ‘lifting towers’. A jack up system is operated and controlled by a computer control unit. Each unit’s lifting and lowering operations occur simultaneously; the computer control unit’s synchronous technology maintains the balance of the load.

Two models of the jack up system are currently available; JS500 and EP5000. The JS500 has an external power unit and can lift loads up to 10 meters. The EP5000 has an internal power unit and can lift loads up to 20 meters. Safe lifting heights are dependent on the expected side load.

A Jack Up System is comprised of 3 main components

  • Multiple jack up units
    - The most common system setup includes 4 jack up units.
  • Computer control unit
    - A touch screen control for operating the jack up system with automatic and manual lifting settings.
  • Electronic controlled diesel power unit
    - Supplies hydraulic power to the system. The JS500 is powered by an external powerpack. The EP5000 powerpack is embedded within each unit’s lifting frame.

A Jack Up Unit is comprised of 6 main components

  • Base frame
    - Supports the lifting frame, skid track attachments are optional.
  • Skid tracks (optional)
    - Enables the jack up system to be skidded into two directions.
  • Lifting frame
    - Contains hydraulic cylinders located in each corner to lift the boxes and locking strips for stable stacking.
  • Steel Boxes (barrel)
    - Boxes are slid into the lifting frame and are lifted up by the cylinders. Each box is designed to carry a load of 500 metric tons.
  • End box (barrel)
    - The top box the load is placed upon
  • Box insert rollers
    - Rollers facilitate easy entry of boxes into the lifting frame.