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Artic Driers, Legendary C/Air Treatment Equipment & Support

Artic Driers, Legendary C/Air Treatment Equipment & Support

Product News Wednesday, October 19, 2016: Artic Driers International

There are few products that  can really  claim to  have stood the test of time, and there are even fewer companies that last a quarter of a century!

The picture tells a story of products and the people who have made compressed air treatment their passion in life.

The grey compressed air dryer in the picture  was manufactured by  Kellair America and was  launched on June 16th  1976 at the Sunnyside Hotel in Parktown Johannesburg.  That  was a day that started change in South Africa , it was also a day that inspired Allen Cockfield for the next 40 years.

The dryer in the picture was sold to the Timken Bearings Company in Benoni by Allen Cockfield in 1976 it was the first refrigeration dryer that Allen sold.   It would not to be his last!

These Kellair air dryers were sold by Compair BroomWade for around 7  years into the South African market at a time  when after coolers and electrical starter gear were an “optional extra” to any air compressor!

Fifteen years later Allen launched Artic Driers International and with it a brand of dryers manufactured in Barcelona Spain by Chaumeca Iberica. Over the next  decade this product range was gradually  added to with inline air filters, condensate drains and the like.  Gradually by  small degrees the Artic Driers brand grew year by year

This year Artic Driers celebrates its 25th anniversary in the South African market, powered by family  members Barbara, Shelly, Paul and of course Allen the  company has grown to  be the leader in compressed air treatment,  air dryer hire, compressed air auditing and after sales care & maintenance.

Since its inception Artic has sold thousands of air dryers into the SA market. The Jemaco SPX range of dryers was launched into this market in 1999 and is still represented by  Artic today. From its family  owned, re-purposed operational  base in Benoni it continues to  service industry supplying quality compressed air treatment products sourced from ten different countries around the globe.

Paul Cockfield heads up the after sales department, internal workshops, hire plant while still finding the time to  market  dryer to  end users. Allen handles resellers, marketing, product sourcing and also sells directly  to  clients. Daughter Shelly handles marketing campaigns and wife Barbara is back  office boss handling HR matters

Artic Driers International has a record of providing great well engineered  products and reasonable prices to  both large and small clients in Southern Africa. The staff are fanatics at  selling the correct product for each application. Many sellers of dryers  ignore the effect of our climate on the performance of air dryers, states Allen. With global warming and “normal” temperature conditions in South Africa, failure to  take account of these factors when selecting air dryers & filters for use in our hot climate will lead automatically to poor dryer & filter performance as well as hours and weeks of air dryer downtime caused by mechanical failure caused  by dryer under sizing

With management succession and  property secured  there is no reason why Artic Driers cannot continue for decades to  come says Cockfield senior

Artic Driers is the factory representative for SPX Jemaco air dryers, CS-iTEC air measurement instruments, BryAir Dehumidification equipment, Sepura Oily Water Separators, along with the Artic branded coalescing air filters, and drains.   Talk to  them for real long term solutions for your compressed air treatment problems

Artic Driers, since 1991