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Helukabel SA (Pty) Ltd.

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Helukabel SA (Pty) Ltd.

1052 Schooner Ave
Laser Park
South Africa

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Cable Lugs

Cable Lugs

Product News Monday, November 21, 2016: Helukabel SA (Pty) Ltd.

We have compiled a new brochure with our cable lug product range. You will find a wide range of copper and aluminum cable lugs and bolt connectors. It also includes the appropriate tools for cable lug processing.

Order your free copy of the new brochure now. Please select the brochure in our “Cable Accessories” selection of our catalogue order form.

Don´t even think about reduction sleeves & special cable lugs.

Thanks to the intensive WM-compression, pre-compressed, multi-stranded wires and ?ne-stranded wires can be used in the tubular cable lug. It can be done without sleeves for compacted conductors exactly as without special cable lugs.

Your advantages:

  • cost effective
  • easy storage
  • 100% safe montage
  • time saving