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Mayekawa’s Cold Storage

Mayekawa’s Cold Storage

Company News Wednesday, May 10, 2017: Danfoss (Pty) Ltd

The Danfoss sales team conducted one-to-one meetings with Mayekawa gaining a broad outlook of Danfoss’ scope within the project as a whole rather than across just one division, allowing them to draft a preliminary layout with an acute understanding of the customer needs and desired project outcomes. The client-guided approach led to a total-service solution being offered through the sale of products from Refrigeration, Drives and Heating divisions, answering to the company’s safety and energy consumption concerns.

Technical advantages

Danfoss components allow optimization across varied applications. For the Cold Store project with Mayekawa, Danfoss materials provided optimization through their FC103 frequency converters, the selection of aluminum tubes that were supplied for the air coolers and the use of a hot gas defrost method to facilitate in ice removal from the coolers.

Danfoss FC103 refrigeration drives adjust the compressor speed via the modulating control resulting in the highest possible suction pressure and a reduced electricity consumption of the compressors for optimal efficiency. These modulating controls also regulate the liquid level in the receivers to support stable compressor operations. The level is measured by the guided radar-based technology Danfoss Liquid Level Sensor (AKS4100) sending its 4-20 mA signal to the ICM motor-controlled injection valve.

Another aspect of achieving the best system efficiency is through the ice removal from the coolers. This is achieved by the efficient hot gas defrost method which uses the energy in the refrigerant to heat the cooler and melt the ice. A zero-pressure drop 2-step solenoid valve (ICLX Flexline™) in the wet return line of the coolers makes for a high impact in it’s freezing mode as it creates the highest possible suction pressure in the liquid receivers.

The choice of aluminum tubes for the air coolers, compared to the standard steel or stainless steel tubes achieve 3-5% better overall heat transfer resulting in a higher evaporating pressure and thereby higher system efficiency. The Danfoss electrical heating cables had been embedded in concrete beneath insulation and controlled by a Danfoss electronic thermostat with floor sensors to prevent damaging the construction, slippery floors, and prevent energy loss and ensuring that the negative temperatures (-10>) would not penetrate the floor causing it to crack.

Energy Efficiency Solutions

Through the supply of Danfoss VLT Drives and Soft Starters, the refrigeration manufacturer were able to maintain minimal energy output optimizing the Cold Store’s operations. Although Danfoss motors run on standard starters with a minimum Kilowatt consumption, the VLT drives have the ability to reduce or increase the machines capacity by instinctively cutting the minimum load applied to the motor through a varied frequency. It achieves this by analysing individual motor demands and set values selecting it for singular usage rather than running all motors at once. This type of optimization is made available in the VFD Drives as well as the water valves not only ensuring reduced energy omissions but also minimizing outgoing costs.

Informing the client technically for the correct purchase selections for the design of a cold store for food preservation directly facilitates the Mayekawa’s and contractors collective social responsibility for energy conservation, helping them to align with the global market and raise their global image providing unique selling points to the end users.

Mayekawa’s project requirements culminated in the sale of 680 industrial refrigeration valves, 9 refrigeration drives and 20 square meters of insulated floor heating cables.

Technical and Customer Service Support

Tailor made client training within the area of our Industrial Refrigeration products has since been provided in Denmark upon the request of the Mayekawa / Mycom. By expressing a need for training, Mayekawa has shown confidence in Danfoss’ ability to provide complete solutions encompassed by continued support. Along with these indicators, Danfoss has already embarked upon Phase 2 with a further sale of 809 valves.

As well as training, Danfoss also arranged to meet with Mayekawa along with the end users to provide clarification as to why such a wide range of products are necessary to the project. This helps to combat the presumption of being oversold by Danfoss, which in turn lends itself as extended guidance for Mayekawa’s own interactions with the end user.

The Future of Cold Store Technologies

The reduction of Ammonia as a toxic refrigerant within Cold Stores is a key focus for the industry to ensure a greener future. As part of this leading revolution, Danfoss is working to design components that use minimal amounts of the toxicant Ammonia whilst maintain a maximum charge to refrigeration systems.

So far, Danfoss has been successful in smaller scaled projects within the UAE to reduce Ammonia charge from 5000 kg’s to 120 kg’s. It is a goal for Danfoss to be able to apply that to larger applications in the future, to aid the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) aspirations.

About Mayekawa

Mayekawa is an equipment manufacturer for Industrial Refrigeration Products and has been operating for more than 90 years as an established entity within the global industry. Supplying Mycom Compressors and food processing equipment in the global market, they hold a large portfolio in the work of food preservation and storage. Mayekawa opened their Industrial Refrigeration Middle East direct operation, 5 years ago participating in the Middle East and Africa markets where Danfoss has provided long-standing support for their engineering requirements and product selections.