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Fourslide parts from Lee Spring – electrical contacts, clips, spring formed components

Fourslide parts from Lee Spring – electrical contacts, clips, spring formed components

Product News Friday, July 21, 2017: Lee Spring Ltd

The fourslide process from Lee Spring delivers stamped and formed flat springs to custom designs and for extended runs of manufacturer standards. Fourslide manufactured parts find application throughout manufacturing across industries such as electronics, aerospace, automation, white goods, specialist vehicles, rail, building/construction, wherever a custom strip or wire fixing or fitting is required in high volume and to low cost. This includes flat springs, brackets, clips, flat terminals, or any stamped and formed metal components otherwise requiring custom tooling to produce intricate metal parts from flat strip material or from drawn or rolled wire.

The fourslide process can reduce part cost, accelerate product delivery and streamline quality assurance with an integrated stamping and forming operation. Fourslide production has low to moderate tooling costs and produces accurate repeatable parts quickly and reliably.

The most commonly used materials with fourslide manufacturing are low-carbon or high-carbon cold rolled steel, type 300 and 400 stainless spring steels, copper alloys including beryllium-copper, bronze alloys including phosphor bronze.

The greatest advantage of the fourslide machine however is its ability to complete all of the actions required to produce a part from start to finish economically. It can handle certain parts that transfer or progressive dies cannot, since it can manipulate from four axes. Because this process requires less machinery, setups and handling, the cost of the finished part is reduced.

Lee Spring offer over 25,000 standard ex-stock same-day despatch springs and related spring components, as well as their highly experienced custom design service helping manufacturing industry grow.

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