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Rapid response on Complete Custom Compression Springs from Lee Spring

Rapid response on Complete Custom Compression Springs from Lee Spring

Service News Monday, June 11, 2018: Lee Spring Ltd

Despite their ex-stock availability of over 25,000 springs, Lee Spring are daily dealing with situations that require something different – in short a custom spring – and a great deal of these come under the design heading of the compression type.

This simple, reliable and well-known technology provides a complete and quick solution to many energy return applications across the board. Design and production engineers in industries from instrumentation to medical devices, aerospace to agricultural equipment, are constantly finding special space or leverage requirements that won’t fit the standard offering – or an environment that demands more of a material than usual. Equally, it may be simply that the fixing legs need to be different.

Fortunately Lee Spring offer a complete and fast solution to custom requirements in a wide variety of compression spring formats – their Bantam Mini Springs, High Pressure designs, Lite Pressure large diameter, conical and wave concepts work within world-wide standards such as DIN and Die Spring formats.

Many custom designs can be easily achieved by an engineer with only simple guidance choices from the catalogue or website selectors, but this is commonly not the case. Consequently, Lee Spring have focused on a rapid response custom service which handholds designers through mechanical and materials considerations, including music wire, stainless steel, plastic composite, Inconel, Nimonic, Hastelloy, Elgiloy, Monel, phosphor bronze, beryllium copper etc.

This ensures that design and production engineers receive the “complete spring” for their needs, whether it is for new production or part of a cyclic revision process.

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