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Economic Visual Warning Device - Q-Lite S80U

Economic Visual Warning Device - Q-Lite S80U

Product News Friday, June 29, 2018: Mimic Components CC

S80U Warning Light Features

• Ø80mm bulb revolving warning lights

• Adopts a special power transmission system that reduces noise and wear

• Built-in buzzer available (Volume: Max 90dB at 1m)

• Revolving speed: 120-140RPM

• Materials: Lens-AS, Housing-ABS, Reflector-Heat resistant ABS

• Ambient operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C

• Protection rating: IP44

• Certificates: CE Compliant


*V belt type power transfer system feature

Designed to minimize the abrasion of the belt, and to efficiently deliver torque from the drive shaft to the reflector. (Patent registered).


*wall mount bracket options:

Bracket structure allows for threading through the bracket hole or into the wall mount

Wiring Instructions

*External power line standard: UL1015 AWG18 (0.75SQ) x2C 400mm

*DC type: Black output line is negative (-)

Also available in LED types.


Voltage           Current           Spec                Bulb Standard                        Parts No         Weight                       

AC110V           0.080A             12V5W            T16X35 15S                 5                      0.48kg

AC220V           0.040A             12V5W            T16X35 15S                 5                      0.48kg

COLOURS: Red, Amber, Green and blue                   


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