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N1500 Universal Process Indicator

N1500 Universal Process Indicator

Product News Thursday, February 28, 2019: Mimic Components CC

A Novus Systems for Loadcells


N1500 is a Loadcell Indicator which accepts a large variety of input signals and sensors. A five ½-digit LED display shows measured value and all programming parameters. Instrument configuration is achieved from the keyboard, without any hardware change.

The user of this instrument should read the manual thoroughly before using it as it is a fine electronic device to be used accordingly for best results.

Some of the features are:

Easily configurable through the front keypad.
Configurable Input:
N1500: J, K, T, E, N, R, S and B type thermocouples, Pt100, 4-20 mA, 0-50 mV, 0-10 Vdc and 0-5 Vdc;
N1500 LC: 0-20mV, -20 to 20mV, 0-50mV, 0-20 mA and 4-20 mA.
62000 counts display resolution. Keyboard programmable range from -31000 to +31000. Configurable decimal point indication.
Adjustable digital filter.
Key panel protection to avoid tampering.
Alarms: Two 3 A/250 Vac SPDT relays in the standard version. Two optional SPST relays. All alarms allow temporization and start-up blocking.
High brightness 13 mm, 6- digit display.

RS485 Modbus RTU communication interface (optional).

Options are:

Process Variable retransmission in 0-20mA or 4-20mA
RS485 MODBUS RTU serial communication
Regulated 10Vdc or 5Vdc power supply for load cells
3rd and 4th alarm relays

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