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Double LED Obstruction Low-Intensity Light

Double LED Obstruction Low-Intensity Light

Product News Monday, April 1, 2019: Mimic Components CC

These lights can be used alone on the top of structures whose height is lower than 45m. Applications include High-rise, Building, High Chimney, Marking Towers (Telecom, GSM, Microwave & TV), High Poles and Tower Cranes.

* Structures that are higher than 45m become potentially hazardous to air traffic and require medium-intensity or high-intensity obstruction lights with a steady or flashing red safety light.

Main Parameter of the Double LED Light: 1.Light intensity:   ≥32.5cd (Options 10cd, 50cd, 80cd, 100cd) 2.Working mode:   Flashing (20times/minute as standard) or Steady adjustable 3.Working way of two lights   Flashing Main & Stand- by     Steady- burning Main & Stand- by     Steady- burning at the same time     Flashing at the same time 4.Light source   LED 5.Service life of LED    ≥100,000hours 6.Operating voltage:   AC220V (option voltage, e.g. AC120V, AC110V, DC48V) 7.Power consumption:   4W 8.Overall size(mm):   320 by 258 by 136 9.Installation size:   3/4inches or 1 inches 10.Vertical degree:   ≥10° 11.Horizontal degree:   360° 12.Material:   Housing is PC Base: die casting aluminium 13.Weight:   2Kg 14.Emitting colour:   Aviation red 15.Ambient temperature:   40?~+70? 16.Wind load:   80m/s 17.Protection standard    IP65



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