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South Africa

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Marine, Aviation & Industrial Warning Lights

Marine, Aviation & Industrial Warning Lights

Product News Monday, June 24, 2019: Mimic Components CC


Marine, Airfields & Airstrips, Mining, Factories, and on Heavy Duty Equipment and Machinery



Quality Solar LED lights for Marine, Aviation, and Industrial

  • Solar Powered Portable Kit with 6 or 8 Solar lights in Robust Case with chargeable ports
  • Solar Beacons, Marine Solar Lanterns,
  • Single/Dual Solar Obstruction lights with Solar panel

Industrial & Commercial Warning Lights

  • Enclosures for Lighting Control
  • Explosion Proof LED Perimeter Light
  • Heavy Duty Warning Lights
  • Flashing Strobe Warning Combo lights
  • Multi-function Modular Signal Tower Lights


Aviation LED Lighting

  • Encapsulated inset LED Lighting
  • Warning and Obstruction lights
  • AeroLED Helipad elevated side lights
  • Aviation Stalk mounted LED Runway end lights
  • Aviation Blue Taxi LED lights and blue or white Taxiway Indication lights
  • Aviation Elevated Edge Lights
  • Aviation Die-cast inset lighting