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1ST AERO Show SA at Wonderboom Airport 2019

1ST AERO Show SA at Wonderboom Airport 2019

Company News Wednesday, July 31, 2019: Mimic Components CC

This is the first trade show of its kind for General Aviation in Southern Africa organised by Messe Frankfurt, hosted at the Wonderboom National Airport. AERO South Africa was well received by the industry and enthusiasts alike. The venue was superbly located as an interactive event with aviation demonstrations and fly-ins that kept the runway busy.

The aviation display was a feast for the eyes varying from Dassault Falcon 50 Jet to Beechcraft Barron. Display activities included the boarding of selected aircraft to view luxurious jet interiors, or climbing through gull-winged doors and dropping into pilot seats, plus informal discussions on aircraft engines and fine aircraft finishes. Helicopters ranged from Bell Jet Ranges to Robinson R44.

Wonderboom’s National Airport Apron area was dotted with outside exhibitor tented-stands where visitors were kept busy eyeing out special offers, then navigating their way between aircraft wings to the next exhibitor stand. The outdoor floor plan was an expert blend of display aircrafts and exhibit stands capturing a sense of aeronautical space. Even the main pavilion which hosted the VIP lounge, media, workshop speakers and other exhibitors lent an atmosphere of spacious engagement. The weather did the rest; warm days with cloudless sky for perfect flight views.

Legendary P51 Mustang ‘Mustang Sally’ was present and wowed crowds with an aeronautical send-off display while Charity legend ‘Little Annie’ wooed with her unique Russian flair giving many the opportunity to explore the lesser seen interior.

It comes as no surprise that the South African Aviation industry is a well-established fraternity, equipped with longstanding manufactures and service providers. Business interest included the construction and agriculture sectors looking for aviation craft for business use throughout Africa.

South African manufacturers include The Airplane Factory. They manufacture modern light sport aircraft called the Sling 2 and Sling 4 (2 or 4 seats). These aircraft are designed and manufactured in South Africa for the local market in addition being exported worldwide. One feature of The Sling is the capacity to land on 450m of runway.

Robin Coss Aviation in the Cape offer international manufacturing standards on the highly acclaimed Van’s RV Aircraft built for recreational use. These are also effectively used by both civilian and military student pilots as a transition aircraft onto larger and more advanced aircraft.

Cubby Aircraft Factory displayed the new Cubby Renegade. The Cubby concept is ideal for the D.I.Y aviation hobbyist worldwide.

Other exhibitors include well known Windsockonline who displayed a variety of windsocks. They recently launched a new and very economical Sport Windsock for drones and RC modellers.

Aero South Africa is undoubtedly set to grow and Mimic Components AeroLED will certainly be there as participating exhibitors to enjoy another celebrated event.