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EMKA locking solutions for the Railway industry

EMKA locking solutions for the Railway industry

Product News Monday, March 15, 2021: EMKA UK Ltd

EMKA are delighted to now offer a comprehensive range of door locking hardware for the Railway industry – to suit specialist cabinets on-board or lineside, as well as for passenger doors and storage lockers. Train installations are particularly rigorous with respect to special requirements for safety - even in the smallest detail. For example, the regulations on fire protection play a major role in this area where EMKA provides its customers with complete systems consisting of closures, hinges, sealing and accessories which comply with the sectors' standards. In addition, they offer a range of purpose-designed seals for interior and exterior use, which are integrated in a well-thought-out closure program specifically for the railway industry.

This Railway range is signposted in the new EMKA guidelines on their website which connects to a comprehensive range of locking solutions characterized by their modular design, versatility and high quality. The highest standards are guaranteed at EMKA by their extensive manufacturing know-how and a production control process certified according to ISO 9001. EMKA also provides individual special solutions derived from new customer design requirements.

Typical products include a compression latch with flap and optical opening indicator with an integral 90° opening flap that serves as visual opening indicator, which is clearly visible when lock status is open/uncompressed. There is also a quarter-turn railway lock for use outside the gasketed area and a Railway compression latch with opening indicator – the lock is both tamper and vibration proof as is their Safety latch lock with status marking. Further, there is a 90° 3D Hinge with integrated 3D adjustment by use of eccentric discs and a 180° concealed Gear hinge with 180° opening angle.

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